Poems by J Aplin Dad Goodbye my Friend and Mum

Selection of Poems by J Aplin


When I was born you held me close, stroked my baby-soft hair,
Picked me up whenever I cried –
Dad, you were always there.

When  I was five and just starting school, scared and unaware,
You took my hand  and soothed me –
Dad, you were always there.

Sports Day came and  went each year, as did the Annual Fayre,
Assemblies and Christmas plays –
Dad, you were always there.

Then adolescence crept up on me, I  always wore a glare
But you still loved me just the same –
Dad, you were  always there.

You were so proud on my wedding day.  But we moved, for  the country air.
Although we’re apart now, I’d like you to know –
Dad,  for you I’ll always be there.

©2003 J. Aplin


I’m sorry it didn’t work out,
We really did give it a  try.
So many things against us;
Only God above knows why.

I  realise we have changed;
The world around us too.
If only Life was  simpler,
We’d have a chance, me and you.

As we exchange our goodbyes
The sadness fills my heart.
I wish you love and happiness
For the  future, as we part.

Goodbye my Friend.

© 1977 J.Aplin

 J Aplin MUM

When I was little you nurtured me,
When I was cold  you warmed me.
And when I was ill you cared for me;
I don’t think I ever  thanked you.

When I was sad you cheered me up,
When I was unsure you  coaxed me.
And when I was angry you calmed me down;
I don’t think I ever  thanked you.

When I was older you stood by me,
When I was down you  helped me.
And when I was despondent you gave me hope;
I don’t think I  ever thanked you.

When you are older, I’ll care for you,
When you  are scared, I’ll coax you.
And when you are happy then so will I be but,
I don’t think I ever can match you.

So for what it’s worth, I’m here  today
To honour you with this poem.
I’d like to say, with all my heart,
“I love you Mum”, and


© 2003 J. Aplin