The Days of Sue Twyman’s Mother

Information from Sue Twyman after a phone call

She was born in 1912 and her Dad was in the Royal Garrison Artillery and lived and worked at the Forts before and after WW1 and he finally retired as Barrack Warden at Fort Brockhurst.

She worked for the well known Churcher family in Alverstoke as nanny.Married in 1934 at St Marys Alverstoke..Dad was a sailor in RN, then later became an officer, ( he left me his unpublished manuscript of his life in Navy). And photos.

She narrowly missed being killed on 10th Jan’ 1941 when house in Sedgly Grove bombed. Etc etc!

My Mum was talking about WW2 last night and came up with these memories. On the night of January 10th 1941 parachute mines were dropped on Gosport and no warning could be given.Mum lived at Sedgly Grove and her and my sister managed to survive their home being bombed. Mum said there was a new estate of bungalows near her and one of the roads was called Bournemouth Avenue. She knew a lady living in the avenue called Mrs BLAKE who was married to a sub-mariner and had a little boy. Mrs Blake got to the Anderson shelter so quickly she forgot to take some water with her and her little boy was thirsty so they went back to the house for some. They were both killed. Mum tells me there were about 450 houses on that estate that were damaged (dont know if that was correct number). Mr BLAKE was killed shortly afterwards. Another name was Mums neighbour in Sedgly grove called Mrs WEAVER who later moved to Horndean.The builder of Mums house in Sedgley Grove was a Mr SMITH. Note….The house costs 460 pounds and the rates were 10 shillings !!

She was telling me that Blake Hospital used to be the isolation hospital and she stayed there for quite a few months in 1937 when she caught scarlett fever after swimming at the pool in Gosport.She had just had my sister but wasnt allowed any contact with people outside, but talked to them through the glass window. She was the only adult there, the rest were children who she played with to cheer them up.

My Dad grew up in Beach St and went to Clarence Sq School.

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