Memories of Nora From the 1940’s


– Hello there I am in South Australia now but in the forties I lived in Gosport .in the house next to a hotel in Clarence Road opposite a naval Barracks and had to cross the road and walk to school at Newtown Primary I think. It was still there in 1971 as I took my 3 sons to see the house I lived in and the school I went to before we left for Australia there were 6 houses then a masonic hall the houses were all bombed in the rest of the street until someone bought and made the Bambi Café which I used to help in.I think there was a beautiful church called St Marys but that was not there in 1971, this brings back nice memories. Nora  
– We lived at the first house next to the pub in the forties they built a cafe called the bambi cafe at the end of the road next to St George Barracks that backed onto Clarence Road and I used to help at the cafe when was quite young but I used to get a pot of tea for the men in the barracks at the cafe accross the road and I was given sixpence for that a small fortune to me .  had 3 sisters and lived with our mum in clarence road in the 40’s..before going to Egypt to see Dad. Where we used to play in the backwash of the sea near houses that were bombed in the war according to an ariel view of the area is now I believe a marina or it looked like one .Do you know Ian when we my sister and I used to go past the barracks gate which was accross the road from where we lived then we walked along right then we turned a left then we were walking to school and had to pass the guards on duty they used to give us big blocks of choclate yumm.I think we had some good times in Gosport ,going to the fairs.Do you know that on the way to school we had to pass a large house which everyone said was haunted, us kids used to think funny things.Nora from Austrailia. (Added 4th Aug 2007)

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