Memories of Frank Ayers From 1940’s

Memories of Frank Ayers; From the 1940s

My mother was the district midwife for gosport and my farther a  submariner (lost on Orpheus 1941) mum her brother and I lived in a flat  over Burtons the Tailors in high street I went to a school which was  just behind us in the next road until it was bombed one night then we  went to the senor school across the road and down an ally cant remember  the names of the schools or the roads. There was solders bivouacked on  the park and most of the open spaces. One of my fathers previous  shipmates sent me a model aircraft carrier which floated upside down in  the local static water tank due to being top heavy a couple of American  service men took it away to their workshop down the road in Camber and  Nicholson’s yard and fitted some lead to the keel which fixed it fine,  next they said they would fit an engine in it for me but the next day  when I went back for it no one was there the invasion had started and  even though I went down on the barges looking for them I never saw them  or my aircraft carrier again, Frank Ayers (Added 4th July 2010)

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