Kath Voller

Lens Fyers Harmonica Band

I am answering something you put on the Gosport site. I have a very good photo of Len Fryers Band – The Harmonica one.

Both my uncles played in the band, also my mum sometimes played with some of the Team. Their surname was Voller. At the time the Vollers lived in Russell Street, Gosport. The Mr Habens mentioned could be a Mr Habens who worked on the old Floating Bridge Ferry in Gosport, with my uncle George ’Sam’ Langford when it was running.

I see someone has got in contact about the above that my grandad was in. I would be very interested in a copy of the photo and would be happy for you to pass my email address on.

Thank you, Mandie Oliver

I am sorry, I seem to have lost the original email and do not seem to have the email address. Please contact me and I will pass on Mandie Oliver’s email address. Thank you Ian Jeffery ian@gosport.info

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