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I understand that I was born at Blakes Maternity Home on 17th October 1959 per my Birth Certificate of the 21st October 1959

I will keep adding memories as I can, perhaps you can add to or correct my memories as I go, I will try to put them chronologically, but you can help.

The birth certificate was registered with C F Sweet as number 82 on 21st October 1959, in the sub district of Gosport in the County of Hampshire.

I understand that my birth weight was 7lb and 4oz, though my weight card is blank at the ‘at birth weight’ with the note of sod citrate.gr I do not know what is meant by that, on 10th November 1959 I was 7lb and 8oz.

I was baptised at St John Forton, Forton Road, Gosport, 6th March 1960.

I was taken home to 10 Ford Rd, Gosport, Hants and lived there to 1st March 1965, I have few memories of that time and some were dreams, but I will try to split the dreams, memories and films that I have seen since, but cannot be sure that I am correct.

Some early memories were, sitting in the garden outside the kitchen window on a trike or maybe my car, but I think not listening to the radio that my Mum had on while she worked, it ws one of those tunes that I felt that I should stay still for, I have no idea what it was, but even now I hear some music that I feel should not be disturbed

I remember going to the outside toilet with my Dads slippers on as I, ‘was old enough to go out on my own’. Also sitting on the kitchen side teeth chattering with cold, after a bath in the ‘Tin Bath’ that hung on the outside wall and my Mum doing the washing using a mangle table. I also received one Christmas a robot that fired sparks that chased my Dad across the room. I have recently been to the house next door to that house an cannot believe how small it is. I even now live in a 2 up 2 down Victorian centre terrace and it seems so much bigger than that house. I live in the house on my own, 10 Ford Rd, just before the move there was 7 of us.

In Ford Road at the time there was a very big house at No 1, the trains still ran along the tracks opposite, though I understand it was just goods at that time, though I did not realise it then. When the trains came when on our way to school, we would go over to the gates, I believed that we were helping to open the gates, I would have been no older than 6, so I doubt we helped at all. there were very few cars in the road, my Dad did have a car at one time and a motorbike and sidecar another time.


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