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Memories and Stories by Gosport People

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Jane in Australia –  I live in Victoria, Australia, presently I am 72 years of age, and I left dear Gosport as a 17 year old teenager, with my parents and six younger siblings. Gosport holds our family together, stories of school in the 50’s, starting work after shorthand and typing school, at real estate agencies, factory work at Stubbington, riding a bike to work from Gosport to Fareham every day, yes, it was a life, and then magically, a new horizon.

Which scared the bejesus out of us, where were we going? Australia yes, but where? The voyage was up and down, much sea sickness, and we arrived in Melbourne April 1961, taken to a reception centre in the city, and for the first time became aware of the ANZACS. Oh what a story, we saw many aged soldiers marching down the streets of Melbourne, just a day or two after arriving. What we learned about the Anzacs at that time led me to follow the Anzac story and respect their commitment to greater commitment to England.

It’s stuff dear Gosport info should take into consideration, the last time I was in England was 2003, everything was changed, that is OK, progress, but the street I lived in from 52-61 no longer exists. Newtown primary school no longer exists, (the primary school I went to), where is the History of Gosport now, I cant find it on the Internet. I lived in Albert Street, Gosport, and when I was 8 years old, was taken to my Grandma in Welsh Road, and later collected by Doris (Croucher) and Eric (Barnes) to live in Dukes Road. It is not there anymore.

I blossomed, my abilities from English studies did me well, I was able to enjoy very good jobs, which paid well, half of which I passed on to Mum and Dad, as did my sister Patricia, and my brother John. And then in October 1962 we moved into our OWN new home Do you want to know more? Just contact me. Jane in Austrailia

Peter here I thought I might send you a photo that I thought I’d lost my son found it in an old box of photos. He copied it and used more pixels so it can be easy to enlarge or just be used to enlarge sections, there are a few Gosport boys in it. Terry Curtis,Billy Stemp the Feilding brothers Warwick I’ve forgoten the other brothers name another boy called Sid who was Warwicks friend and me. All the other boys are from Portsmouth,I wanted to send this years ago but couldn’t find it. I hope somebody would like to see it if you can put it in Gosport Info. Peter Maw

St Vincent Cadets 1950 Gosport Hants by Peter Maw
St Vincent Cadets 1950 Gosport Hants by Peter Maw

I left England when I was 14yrs old on the 19-12-52. I have just turned 80 yrs

Chris Walker – I spent all my childhood in Gosport and remember especially fondly my times at the open pool. We had an annual pass every year for many years and would spend every day in the summer holidays there, on our own with not a parent in sight, bliss and I became an excellent swimmer too. We would swim in the Hardway when we couldn’t go the pool. What I was wondering is why did the pool have to shut and when did it shut? I do remember it shutting down but can’t remember when it was. I remember one time when some friends and I got into the pool after it was shut down and thoroughly explored it for hours. I loved my childhood in Gosport and had so many adventures, favourite play areas included the railway line that passed near our house in St Thomas’ Rd, we would walk along for miles but mostly played around the woods and coast at Ham Lane. Still remember exploring the pre fab houses which were there empty for a while.

Yvonne Devon – I would very much like to get hold of printed literature with photographs of Gosport in the 50’s and 60’s as well as a copy of a street map of the Town before the relief road was built.

As a child I holidayed in Gosport and the family moved down from London in 1955 (we lived in Chester Place which was situated directly behind the Royal Arms) and I remember the chain ferry that was situated roughly where Seaward Towers now stands. In the late 60’s I worked in Portsmouth and used to travel on the ‘old ferry’ the one similar to a tug with chain links on the bow.

Members of the family lived in Prince Alfred Street and now are resting in Ann’s Hill – and I had my own home in Gordon Road before moving to Devon and I would so like to go back down memory lane and see a book with photos of the Gosport of yesteryear and also look back at the streetmap of roads and streets now gone (or chopped in half) but finding this information is not easy. I’m hoping that you can keep this old bird happy!

I have obtained a copy of a map from late 1960’s early 70’s and offered it to Yvonne – Ian Jeffery


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