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Memories, Stories or Poems about Gosport or by Gosport People

I have added links to the memories and stories including poems about Gosport. These may not be about Gosport but by people with links to Gosport. These could be included in the History Section. I have received comments that memories may not be history.

Solent City Scooter Club Memories of a bygone age

Jonathan Meades – At McDonalds Gosport

Part of an article  Times Magazine 2nd October 1999
Reproduced with kind permission of Mr Jonathan Meades (by Email)
And one Sunday lunch time in Gosport, for want of absolutely anywhere else to eat, I watched with ghoulish fascination as several naval problem families staged a party for their children. The adults were verbally threatening, massively hung over, the children were snot-encrusted, foul-mouthed.
Woolwich in one of Greater London’s anomalies. Like Gosport, it is, or was, a garrison town. Such towns tend to hermeticism and violence.

Not exactly complimentary – Ian Jeffery

Mrmories High Street Gosport Hants 1988 by Ian Jeffery
High Street Gosport Hants 1988 by Ian Jeffery

Poems about Gosport or by Gosport People

-Home Is The Sailor by Shirley Rundle (to be added when found)

-Entry in a Late Summer Diary by Harry Haines

-WAITING TO DESCEND Collected poems Harry Haines 1953-06 £11 – Obtainable by phone 023 92 583608 E-Mail or from  Lee- on -Solent Bookshop/ Waterstones bookshop Fareham Precinct

Syd Ashby Interview and Photos

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Jane in Australia – Gosport Changes 1961 to 2003

Christ Walker – Open Air Pool & Hardway

Yvonne Devon – Behind South side of  Stoke Road