Famous People of Gosport

Famous People of Gosport

I am sure many will dispute the Famous names put here. They have been suggested by people of Gosport and each has a comment or explaination to go with them. You can also add your comment or a suggestion of someone else to add. I will not make a decision to exclude anyone suggested as I feel it it up to the visitors to Gosport.info to make their mind up regarding the appropriateness of the inclusions.  Who would you say is the most famous of those listed? I suppose that depends of what you feel famous means, after all a member of your families or families past would be more famous to you.

 -Syd Ashby – ( Mr Gosport) Raising funds and support committee work for charities since 1945. Follow the link for more information. Link to page with Syd’s interview.

-Roger Black (Olympic athlete/ TV Presenter) Nominated by Andy Jeffery.  The day I ran into him, well he ran into me in Clayhall Rd outside Gabby’s. he asked if I was OK, twice, I was he did keep running on the spot.

Henry CookFounder of a ragged school and mission to seafarers. Nominated by Sam Pollard (Photo of Henry Cook below)

Famous Gosport People
Henry Cook founder of a Ragged School in Gosport

Richard ‘Dickie’ Dawson, Being a former Gosport resident (1942 to 1965) having immigrated to Canada, I came across your website and wondered if anyone remembers the name Richard Dawson “Dickie Dawson”, comedian/actor/game show host, who was born in Gosport under the name of Colin Lionel Emm, 20 November 1932. I will not go into all his details but direct you to this link……… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Dawson   and his detailed biography. Kevin Delanney
Thank you Kevin, I thought I had already added him, I even watched ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ last year on Forces TV. I understood it more now though I would have been between 5 and 11 when first shown. As a youngster I would see something based on history and try and work it out, but see had very little connection to WW2.    I understand they produced a series (season) and broadcast the episodes as they wished. Ian Jeffery

-James Hargreaves, the man who discovered gold in Australia, was born in Gosport. Mr P W Honey. Ex resident of Hardway and Alverstoke

I have had a look and from what I have found, it may be true to say that he was one of the first to discover gold in Australia, under his brother Edward.

-I nominate Davina McCall…her relatives live in Gosport.  They are good friends of ours.Alex Arrol.
I have had a look and it seems that she is from London. Ian Jeffery

-Roger Moore (Actor) I recall a very nice incident involving a very gallant Roger Moore, a gold Aston Martin, and a lady with a pram, complete with child. It took place near a Marina a little north of the (St Georges) barracks in an area with very narrow streets.  I do not recall the name of the street.  The lady, the wife of a friend of mine was taking her son down to the marina for a walk and some fresh air.  As she passed down the sidewalk of the narrow street with cars parked on both side, the door to a shiny new Aston Martin popped open without warning.  The pram plowed into the door and gave it a good sized scratch. Suddenly out popped Roger Moore, showing not the slightest concern about the car, but most solicitous of the baby and a very swooning mother, who suddenly found herself unable to speak, and very wobbly on her feet. Having learned that all was well with mother and child, a Jaunty, Roger Moore, clad in boating gear went off to his day on the water, leaving a pretty young mother with her mouth wide open, in total shock.The lady told me this story the very same day, and I have good reason she was truthful, since she was still in shock at that time.This would have been right about 1972, possibly 1973. Chris C. Haslam

Tony Parsons. Locally here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada there is yet another quite well known person who was born in Gosport, Tony Parsons who became a TV presenter and News Anchor. Here are two links about him that may be of some interest……….. https://www.broadcasting-history.ca/personalities/parsons-anthony-tony   and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Parsons_(presenter) Kevin Delaney.

-Alan Piner lives in Gosport and he is is the man who changed all the drumming of the Royal Marines. I nominate him. In the early 60s Alex Duthart changed the drumming for the pipe bands by using more grace notes and less rolls. This made the drumming more interesting and a far better sound. Alan Piner B.E.M thought, if he can do that for the pipe bands I can do it for the Royal Marines. It wasn’t easy, he had to get the permission of the Musical Director and after he had heard Alans new style it was agreed and excepted and today it is the same. Alan Lemon

-Felton Rapley the organist on the radio in 1940s/50s used to play the organ when my mother was a child in St Johns Church, Forton Road, Gosport, Cecilia Perfitt

-I nominate Phil Shulman musician formerly of Gentle Giant from Portsmouth. Who ran a gift shop in Gosport? I would like to know what became of him? Thank You William Marshall