Are You There? Page 1 Finding People you Knew in Gosport

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I left England in November 1952 to go to Australia I went to central school from 1949 until 1952 I have a list  of people who were in my classes they are Bob  Saunders, David Bastable, Roger Martin, Chris Windsor, Richard Sadler, Roger Tull, Ron Sells, David Harding, Barry Hillier,   ?  walsh(male), ? sugget,(male) .  Girls.   Maureen Samuels, Ann Welch,  Shirley Kerr, Gail Barnicoat, Pat Corbett, Julia Weekes, Pam Chidey, Maureen Oxford . There are more but I can’t recall them at the moment and I was wondering if they remember me and would like to have a chat my email address is and I’m on Facebook. Fingers Crossed         Peter Maw

Alan Marshall said, Greetings from Tasmania. I have been taking trips down Memory Lane! Joined RNH Haslar early 1960. Did my radiography course also at Haslar 1962-64. So much water has passed under the hull since then! Emigrated to Australia in 1976. Returned to Lancing numerous times while Mum and Dad were still with us. Did a couple of weeks locum at Haslar in 1999, interested to see all the changes. But, changes are always with us….

In case you mention my name amongst friends and they wish to correspond, please get in touch. Best wishes, Alan

Alan Marshall Tasmainia
Alan Marshall Tasmainia
Yes changes, now completely closed. Various planning permissions, for housing and veterans accommodation and hospital, but there seems to be some doubt that the sindicate has the money to do the work.
Every couple of years something starts up then goes quiet again.
Shame as we could do with a hospital there at the moment. Best wishes Ian
Margaret de Marriel would love to send a Cheerio to Mick Patterson who I met in Perth Austrailia in 1962 when he served on the H.M.S Bulwark. He is often in my thoughts and I hope life has been kind to him. I couldn’t see much about him in the Navy’s history of those who served on the Bulwark. Thank you. Cheers from Aus.

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