Requests for Information about Gosport Ancestors Page 1

Requests for Information about Gosport Ancestors Page 1

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Olga BAILEY  I am trying to find out all I can about an ancestor of mine she is buried in Anns Hill Cemetery.  I understand you have researched the World war deaths (one of which is also a relative  Pvte Sidney Bailey)  and the civilian deaths,(Den Budden) but great grandmother was neither of these. She was a Russian refugee that married my Great grandfather and came to Gosport, she died very soon after from Food poisoning – cockles apparently. I have a photo with 3031 written on the back and entitled Olgas grave.  
Please would you be able to point me towards some way of getting a photo or some information on it.  I am going round in circles on the Internet.  Fran Phillips

Thomas Jobson my Great Grand Father was in Gosport in the Army in 1891 to 1894. He died in 1894. He left a widow my Great Grand Mother with many children. Thomas was in India and married there. I have tried to find out where he was. I have lots of names New Barracks and an address on Albion Street in 1891. Thomas was a corporal born in Coughton in 1852 Warwickshire.I would like to know more about what he may have been d oing there and where he may have been stationed in Gosport.Even where he may have been buried. Hope you can give me some help as to my request. John Marshall

Mary Rogers – I am Trevor Rogers’ son, and Sanders Rogers’ grandson. I am also wondering if any of your members might be kind enough to be able to help me on researches I am doing into my family history – I can make on headway in tracing my father’s aunt, Mary, for example!!!

Also the Rogers had 3 different homes in Gosport. I grew up at 13 Spring Garden Lane in the house next to the station and I have lovely memories and pictures of that. But before that my family lived at Winchfield House in South Street (destroyed in WW2) and 86 North Street (Smith and Vosper) and I would love to discover pictures, postcards, etc (possibly a Snape – they lived two doors away in Spring Garden Lane.) of those. David Rogers (Author of book, on The Privy Council, BY ROYAL APPOINTMENT.)


Benjamin TAULBUT – Date of birth 22/6/1898 – I am trying to trace a family member who was on 1901 census but missing from 1911. Can you advise any websites I can check for your local area. He would have been 12 or 13 at the time. Thanking you in advance for your help. Kind regards E. Mclean
Margaret WHITE – I am hoping you can help me trough others on Gosport info locate the street in which this is taken. I believe it to be in Willow Place off Mill Lane Forton.
The photo is of my great grandmother and her second husband Margaret White formerly Black nee Elliot.
The family are from the 2 husbands William Black and Thomas White they lived at 1 Cobden Street Gosport.
My grandfather Albert James Black used to be a window cleaner in Gosport High Street, his son Roy continued the business. Roy my uncle was the last remaining child of Albert James Black, Roy died in January of this year (2017).
If any member can identify the Street I would appreciate the information.
My grandfather Albert James Black lived at 45 Cobden Street. Regards Geoff Sherman.
Black White Family Willow Place Gosport Hants Geoff Sherman
Black White Family Willow Place Gosport Hants Geoff Sherman

I did take the photos not long after you emailed but as the houses in Willow Place were more modern, I wondered if it was the next road ‘Cobden Street’. I have taken photos of both roads and many years ago I went to a house in one of those road collecting a item for a Church auction. The house was very small.
You went straight in to the front room and even with no hall it could still not fit a 3 piece suite (two seat sofa) in the room, the 2nd chair was in the back room also not large. I could not remember which of the two roadsI was in. I meant to try and find out about Willow Place. Recently I found the photos I had taken and remembered your email. I mentioned it to my sister, seems she had a school friend who lived in Willow Place so was able to confirm they were small Victorian style terraced
houses. Cobden Street still has the old houses. Ian Jeffery

Willow Street Gosport Hants 31st August 2018 Ian R Jeffery
Willow Street Gosport Hants 31st August 2018  Ian R Jeffery
Cobden Street Gosport Hants 2 31st August 2018 Ian R Jeffery
Cobden Street Gosport Hants 2 31st August 2018 Ian R Jeffery







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