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Gosport Ephemera

This Page has ephemera – Scans of old printed items wil a connection to Gosport. Some I have found and other items donated by people with an interest in Gosport.

Gosport Ephemera The Solent Dairy Invoice
Solent Dairy Lee-on-the-Solent Gosport Hants 7th Februry 1939
Paul Harris in his letter to me included the following;
‘…I came across this old milk bill whilst looking through some old books in a second hand shop in the West Midlands, I thought you might like it to put with old memrobilla of Gosport. I got your name and address off an internet site to do with Gosport.
This was donated by Paul Harris – It looks as if the milk cost 3 1/2d per pint (I assume) 13 pints for the week total 3 shillings 9 and half pence (3/91/2) on 7th February 1930.
I think where it says ‘The favour of your recommendation respectfully solicited’. I doubt anyone would ask for a recommendation today, and if they did I feel it would be done in half the number of words.









Hovershow 76 Lee-on-the-Solent Gosport Hants
Hovershow 76 Held at Browndown Lee-on-the-Solent Gosport Hants.
I attended this event so should have photos to add.
Rather than add each page separately I will rescan the programme and save in.pdf.

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