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Advertising on or support for

If you would like to carry out some advertising on the or support the web site in another way. I will add some ideas and suggestions how this could be done and how your advert could be put on the site. I am happy to receive your suggestion on what could be done.

On the old version of the web site, I did have Google Adwords In the past a sum large enough to cover the costs of domains, hosting and at one time some publicity materials. Over the last few years the amount has dropped, but still would cover domains and hosting. I did hear a radio programme talking about Google and their adwords income. They did come up with a statement from Google saying around 25% of the income from a UK advert went back to the UK publisher of the web site the click was made on.

I have seen the new way that Google puts adverts on mobile phones and so on and find it a bit intrusive. I suppose that is the point. There was  a Southampton version of Adwords, which I tried but it did not seem to be very successful for me. I am going to try and set-up the new version on without Google Adwords, as well as things such as Tradedoubler and Amazon.

Current Plans and Ideas

I would like try to take the site back to the original idea of being a local Gosport site. I will still have links to Gosport books or books by Gosport Authors or books or authors with Gosport links. This maybe where the books are available on Amazon or other web sites.

For a low cost your free entry on the classified business pages can be enhanced. There are a number of way this could be done in a number of ways such as; putting the entry to the top of the page – adding more information about the business – adding a photo – bolding or changing the colour of your entry. You may have your own ideas.

You may wish to sponsor a main page, or an article or other page. I have also received help from a number of people so there maybe something you wish to do for the web site. The change in hosting means you can if you wish become a author of the site or a section or page on the site. I hope with more people looking after the site it will remain more up to date and more useful to visitors to the site. If you would just like to help with some funds to maintain or improve the site, there will be a Paypal donation link.

I have not put a price here as it will depend on what you want, but the starting amount would be just £10 per year. I will add more prices as ideas and advertisers come in and as I think about it more. Please contact me with your ideas for advertising and sponsorship: Ian Jeffery

If you wish to donate to the work of please see the link below. Thank you