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I’m trying to find pictures or anything on a fruit shop which was called Gunton’s Bemisters Lane 1960-1970  Also, any details or pictures on the pubs that were called True Blue and Mediator & Prize I believe. Vicky Eccles

Blakes Maternity Hospital Records – Thought I would update you on Blake Maternity Hospital –  all records for that hospital are now held by Correspondence Office at Queen Alexandra’s Hospital and they only keep the records of births for 25 years. So unfortunately I could find no records of my birth but thought the above would be useful for your site. Regards Marilyn

I occupy a property on San Diego Road, which has a tunnel with water that runs along the who length of the building along five post lane. I wonder if you have any further information? Thank you Liane

Dr Loughborough Lee on Solent Tennis Club – Do you happen to know anything at all about a doctor Loughborough who started lee on solent tennis club in 1908.? I am trying to find out for a lady that attends the club.I have trawled the 1901 census but no clue there.All I know about him is what I have told you. Thanking you in advance. Mrs. L.Cooper
Open Air Swimming Pool – why did the pool have to shut and when did it shut? I do remember it shutting down but can’t remember when it was. Chris Walker London

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