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ABOUT GOSPORT- A town on the south coast of Hampshire. From the stony beach at Stokes Bay, there is a great view to the Isle of Wight, with some wonderful sunsets over The Solent, OK sometimes. It sits on the peninsular, bounded by Portsmouth Harbour to the East, The Solent to the South and the entrance to Southampton Water, though much of the West side comes under the Borough of Fareham.

Around a quarter of the land in Gosport’s boundries is under the control of the Armed Forces, though in recent years this has reduced, partly due to land at Priddys Hard, Royal Clarence Yard, St George’s Barracks North and South being given over to housing, and now RMH Haslar (2009) This has reduced still further, where the former Forces property has been taken over by civilian agencies.

Gosport Sites

There are parks, woodland walks, grassland walks and a walk along the edge of Portsmouth Harbour with views to Portsmouth, Portsdown Hill, the Forts in The Solent and the Isle of Wight. Though a large part is Urban, areas of Gosport go under a number of names, Alverstoke, Anglesea, Gomer, Privett,  Leesland, Forton, Camden Town, Elson, Priddys Hard, Hardway, Seafield, Haslar, Bridgemary in the old Parish of Alverstoke, and added Rowner and Lee-on-the-Solent which was in old Parish of Titchfield. I expect I have missed some areas, but to can remind me.

Gosport started as a village/ small town at the eastern side, towards the harbour mouth on the peninsular opposite,  Portsmouth. If you accept that it was created by Godfrey de Lucy in his charter of 25th August 1204, its current population spreading east and north to Fareham is just under 83,000.

Much of the old sites an buildings are being lost to housing developments, though in the past as MoD property the sites were restricted, as a lot of people who lived in Gosport, worked in these sites they were available to some of the population. My Dad talks of when in the mid 50’s he worked in an MoD base seeing rare Orchids and underground tunnels. With the new houses on the site, though the old buildings do get protected, the developers seem to take advantage of the fences to create mini (USA visitors please excuse me if what I have seen on the TV is not correct) what they call in the USA ‘Gated Communities’ so only the residents and allowed visitors can go in, so you wonder who will benefit from the protected status.

Other Gosports

I understand that there is a Gosport near Ampfield, Romsey, Hampshire, UK as well as 4 in the USA, Alabama, Indiana, Iowa and New Hampshire, if you have a site about your Gosport please let me know and I will add a link to your web site, it may be interesting to see what other Gosports are like.

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