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Gosport.info is a website giving information and photos of Gosport, Hampshire, England, UK both past and present. If there is information and, or photographs please let me know and I see if they can be added. Thank to Jane of Webgloss for letting me know what could be causung the drop in Google page ranking. With help from Jane, Cindy and my brother-in-law the web addresses are now working.

It is easy for someone like me, trying to do a local web site to allow the changes in web site creation and keeping up the top of the pages, to fall behind.

If you have sent an email to Gosport.info but have not received a reply or had your item added to the web site. Please could you send the email again. Thank you .


I am planning the May Gosport Info newsletter. I have a few items but if you have anything Gosport related to go to the 640 plus email addresses. Please let me know. The items that have been sent for December will go in to the February Newsletter.

New Information

I have now swapped the domains  www.gosport.info brings you to this site. A lot of information is still on the site which is now reached under gosportinfo.org. If you do not find what you want on this site, please use the above link. You will find some of the information from the old Home Page to the right on the News Page or Links Page.


Gosport Hampshire England or Gosport.info is a website that has been around in various forms since April 2001. The site gives information a photos about gosport. It is now going through another major update. The site was set-up 3rd April 2001 using the domain GosportLife.

I have started to use the Gosport.info News and Comments page, I have put an item from Thorngate Hall (GCA). I expect I will put a couple of words about the latest items of news added. In the past I added the news items to the Home Page so as not to overcrowd this page, I will no longer do this.

The site is now using WordPress and I am now starting to move Gosport.info over to this site, with the help of a local web designer, Cindy Robins. The site will move in an attempt to future proof the site and make it possible for other to add to or amend the information and photos. If you also understand or would like to learn, WordPress and would like to help me get this underway. Please contact me on ian@gosport.info, phone 023 9252 3358 or mobile 078 1751 7995.

How is the new Gosport.info site coming on?

I am now moving the sub sites for the Friends of Gosport Museum new site separated out which now has all the information on the old site to the new one on www.fogm.org.uk . You can also reach the new site with the original address of www.friendsofgosportmuseum.org.uk . The Gosport Local History Luncheon Club  new site is currently at www.gosporthistoryclub.org.uk . All the articles from www.gosporthistoryarchive.org.uk have now been moved but the old site can still be reach with that address and I have added a page of Hugh Beaver’s Gosport Photos.

When the sites information has been checked, the old sections within the old site, will be removed and the current address moved to the new separate web sites.  On the main Gosport.info site a lot more business links have been checked and moved. If you business has not been added, with or without a web site, please give me the details and I will add it. I am also working on the History and Memories sections. I have added the History of Gosport Water Co and Gosport Home Guard, links can be found on the History and Resources page.

Thank you for your interest in the past and I hope this change will enhance your interest. If you have any suggestions on how the pages and sections. In particular how the History and request sections of the site are set-up. They will be very welcome. Please let me know on ian@gosport.info .

A very big thank you to Cindy Robins of Prickly Pear Design who has set-up the starting design, initial pages and gallery. Thank you to Phil Dimon of Dimon Estate Agents for the 2017 calendars with this web site on them.

Item for finding people as page not set-up

My name is Peter Maw I left England in November 1952 to go to Australia I went to central school from 1949 until 1952 I have a list  of people who were in my classes they are Bob  Saunders, David Bastable, Roger Martin, Chris Windsor, Richard Sadler, Roger Tull, Ron Sells, David Harding, Barry Hillier,   ?  walsh(male), ? sugget,(male) .  Girls.   Maureen Samuels, Ann Welch,  Shirley Kerr, Gail Barnicoat, Pat Corbett, Julia Weekes, Pam Chidey, Maureen Oxford .There are more but I can’t recall them at the moment. I was wondering if they remember me and would like to have a chat my email address is  petermaw43@hotmail.com and I’m on Facebook. Fingers Crossed         Peter Maw

Ian Jeffery

Gosport fron the Sea
Gosport from Sea to Gilkicker from Spitbank Fort Hampshire  Ian R Jeffery

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